Why do I teach?

I am linking up again today with BLOG HOPPIN' for TEACHER WEEK!

"Why did I ever become a teacher?" I called my mom crying during my first week of teaching after an epic catastrophe of a day and asked that very question...despite a few bad days I really do LOVE teaching, and these are the Top FIVE Reasons why...

Number 5
Even if I try, I rarely stop thinking about school! #obsessed
Teaching is my job, but it's really more of my life. I think of lesson ideas in the grocery store, at the bank, on vacation, anywhere and everywhere. I spend my three months "off" making things for the upcoming year. I wake up early on the weekends to read teaching blogs, and now I stay up late to write one of my own. 

Number 4
Teaching is in my blood! 
I come from a very, very big family of teachers. My grandmother was a teacher, and she actually taught in a one room schoolhouse in the mid-west. She later married a teacher, and four of her children, including my dad, became teachers. Seven of my cousins are teachers or principals, and my sister-in-law teaches at my school! 

Number 3
I love office and art supplies!
I love loading my cart with packs of card stock, labels, crayons, glue sticks, markers...the list goes on and on. I also love that I can draw and color almost every single day at work! How many people get to say that?

Number 2
I love kids! #obviously
I have the BEST time with my little learners. Their innocence, humor,  determination, creativity, and brilliance never cease to amaze me! Spending a day with first graders is exhausting, hilarious, heartwarming, and unforgettable! 

Number 1
Teaching simply reminds me each day that the world is filled with hope!

Why do you teach friends?

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