100 Days Smarter!

Celebrating the 100th Day of first grade is always an exciting tradition, but this year was extra special. My little learners this year have grown so much socially, behaviorally, and academically. We have overcome a lot of obstacles together, and their enthusiasm for learning is contagious! They truly deserved a day to celebrate how much they have learned! 

So we turned the 100th Day into a celebration of learning! It was a day full of fun for reading, writing, math, movement, and art! Here's a peek at our day:

We decorated our 100 Days Smarter hats early in the morning so we could wear them all day. I loved saying "Kiss Your Brain" throughout the day and watching all of them send kisses to their hats! Check out this little ninja brain!

We set a goal to read throughout the day for 100 minutes, and we tracked our progress using a 100 chart. We still did our small groups for reading and took our weekly assessments, so we counted those minutes towards our reading goal. It's amazing how quickly those reading minutes add up without even trying!

We really worked up a sweat doing "Train your Brain" exercises! We did 10 repetitions of 10 different exercises for a total of 100. It was "10 laps around the room" that really got our hearts pumping! (If you've never tried this, it's a lot more challenging than you may think!) 

Then we were onto writing. We had a great time creating our "Thinking about 100 Books." It was fun and a little silly to think about the number 100 in different ways. We wrote and illustrated all 8 pages and them put them together to make a mini book. 

We did a little more writing before we had a snack. We never have snacks at school this was a really big surprise! Each little learner got a paper with a brain picture and a thought bubble. After they wrote their thoughts inside the bubble, we made cotton candy brains. They shared their thoughts and then ate their cotton candy! 

Finally, we created a class display of 100 things we have learned in first grade. I was so impressed by their smart thinking. My learners this year LOVE math so I wasn't surprised to see so many of them write what they have learned in math. We also talked about how much they have learned about being respectful and kind! We hung our display in the hall to be enjoyed by other students and visitors. 

It was awesome to celebrate being 100 Days Smarter with my little learners! They each took home a certificate with their books and hats to share at home. 

If you would like to try these activities with your class, you can check them out here


Mystery Animal Reports

Was your classroom extra noisy this week? Today we used all of that extra talking to help us practice descriptive writing. It was a blast!

We actually started this job yesterday when I introduced "Mystery Animal Reports." I read my sample report, and my little learners guessed my animal. I showed them my picture and reminded them how to use labels to make a picture more detailed. 

Each little learner picked one animal. It was TOP Secret! They described their animal using each sense and filled out their recording sheet. Then they drew a picture of their mystery animal and labeled the important parts. (Someone even labeled a "pee hol"- oh my!) To make it a super secret project, we turned in our papers by carrying them behind our backs! 

Today I passed back their mystery papers, and they got together with partners. They all read their descriptions to their partners. They were not allowed to share their pictures. They listened to all of their partner's descriptions and then drew what the animal would look like. If their pictures didn't match, they talked about what part of the description made it confusing. 

At the end, I read a few of their descriptions, and they guessed the animals! It was an awesome way to start descriptive writing! It's FREE if you want to try it with your little learners too! Just click on the picture :)

Happy Teaching Friends!
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