How to Perfect "How To" Writing

Our "How To" writing unit has been full of excitement and surprises! So far, we have done some shared writing and some independent writing about given topics. Next week, we will select our own topics, and my learners will do the planning, writing, and publishing steps independently. I can't wait to read their writing and hear their presentations! 

The first thing we tackled was how to make cookies. I was really surprised by how many of my learners had never made cookies before! We introduced how to writing by reading a book about making cookies together. We used a projectable book from the Reading A-Z website (I love this website!) I also showed a video clip from YouTube of kids demonstrating how to make cookies. 

My learners explained each step to their learning partner, and they used "invisible ingredients" to model how to make cookies. They were totally shocked and thrilled when we actually made cookies together! 

Once we got some hands-on practice, we used our writing planner to write each step.We also worked on writing a question topic sentence and a statement conclusion. I guided this process by creating a chart of sample sentences. We did some editing together and then wrote our final drafts. I was so impressed by their writing!

Week two was even more fun and delcious! We learned about making pizzas using a variety of resources including some leveled readers, magazines, and another video segment. We also made giant paper pizzas to practice our "oo" words. 

As my learners were making paper pizzas, they "wished they could make real pizzas!" we did! I was originally going to make one regular sized pizza, but I knew everyone would want to participate. So we each made mini pizzas using Lunchable Kits. It was super simple and lots of fun!

My learners worked more independently on their planning pages this week. They also wrote their own question topic sentences and statement conclusions. I love reading so many different ideas! I realize you can write many steps for how to make pizza, but we focused on just three steps. This helped us perfect our transition words and editing. 

Who knows what we will be writing about next week?! The topics are limitless, but I know my little learners have a strong foundation now for "how to" writings! We always use the same planning pages for our writing jobs so you can check them out here

Happy Teaching Friends!

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