Long Vowel Rainforest

It's a jungle in first grade! Well, it's technically a rainforest, but it's definitely been an amazingly fun project. We transformed our classroom into a "Long Vowel Rainforest" as we reviewed several long vowel spelling patterns. We paired our phonics practice with some non-fiction research and informative writing about the rainforest. I would love to share our project with you!

Take a peek inside our classroom and check out everything we learned! This welcome sign shows each of long vowel spelling patterns we reviewed, including magic e, long e spelled ee or ea,and long a spelled ai or ay. 

Our Long E Monkeys were created with long e words on all of their arms and legs. We wrote words on the fronts and backs of their legs. They look great from all angles hanging in our rainforest, and we got lots of spelling practice! 

Creating Long A Snakes was one of my learners' favorite activities! They were really simple to create. Cut a large piece of construction paper into an oval. Draw a spiral shape on the oval and cut along the line. We wrote long a words on the bellies of our snakes and then decorated their backs. A pair of googly eyes and a red strip of curling ribbon finished them off!

We used our Long A Differentiated Practice Activities and Posters to help us as we practiced our spelling patterns. The posters really helped us brainstorm some great words for our snakes! (You can check them out here.)

Even as an adult, I am fascinated by the rainforest. I love teaching facts about this amazing environment and watching my learners' enthusiasm grow and grow! As we read books, we kept a class anchor chart to record our findings. Our chart helped us immensely as we began our informational writing pieces. (We use the same format for all of our writing activities, and you can check it out here.)

We added our paragraphs to our rainforest display. We also made fact leaves and trees for our display with the help of our 6th grade buddies! Our long vowel rainforest has grown into one of my favorite first grade memories this year! Thanks for taking a pEEk at our nEAT rAInforest todAy! 

Happy Teaching Friends!

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