Sweeter Than Pie Thanksgiving Gift Tags

November comes with a to-do list that stretches for miles and very few school days to get everything accomplished. Months like this make me realize how blessed I am to be busy! When things get extra crazy, I am thankful for the support of other teachers! I love hearing your encouragement, laughing at the funny notes you post, using the resources you created, and trying the ideas you share! I am so thankful for you teacher friends!!

Teachers truly are sweeter than pie....so I created these little tags as a thank you! They are perfect for gifts tags, place cards for dinner, or notes for your kiddos!

Click the image to download your tags!


Tips for Parent Teacher Conferences

For such a short month, November always comes with a giant list of things to do! One of the biggest jobs is parent teacher conferences! 

My secret to Crazy Free Conferences all starts with a simple pre-conference form! This FREE little survey takes all of the stress out of conferences for me! It includes a side for parents and a side for kids!

The questions for parents help me understand what parents are thinking.  I can get detailed assessment data and work samples ready if parents have specific concerns about progress.  I can ask one of our specialists sit on our conference if needed.  It's also nice to have suggestions or materials ready to share with families to help meet their child's needs at home. 

The survey for kids is deliberately designed to be positive. It's a great conversation starter, and it helps us focus on the strengths and interests of each child. I love reading what my first graders are thinking and feeling! 

Before conferences, each kiddo makes a conference folder. I just fold a big piece of construction paper in half, and we attach a sweet parent note on the front.

The kids write notes and draw pictures for their parent(s) or guardian. I fill the folder with all of the papers I may need for that child's conference, including work samples for the family to keep. 

I always start my conferences by giving the parents the love notes from their children.

At the end of the conferences, I give parents some work samples and art projects to keep inside their folder. I also give parents a chance to write back to their children and leave a note in their desks. 

I just keep a variety of scrap paper and markers on a table outside my classroom door. I also put out candy for parents--who doesn't love a little treat?!

You can get parent notes for each month of the year so they will always fit your conference schedule. They are also perfect for a monthly writing activity or for a free holiday gift. 

With a little preparation, you can involve children and parents in the conference planning process! For me, this has been the secret to Crazy Free Conferences! 

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