How to Make Border Bookmarks!

Each year at Meet the Teacher Night, I try to give my kids a little gift they can take home with them from the event. I just created some new Smart Reader bookmarks so I knew they would be perfect!

I was planning on cutting out my smart reader bookmarks and then mounting them on strips of scrapbook paper. Of course, I was going to have to buy some more scrapbook paper and cut it all, but they would look so cute when they were done!

As I was cutting out my bookmarks, I glanced over at a little stack of borders I bought at the Dollar Spot. I was thinking about how well they matched, and then the lightbulb turned on! I didn't need to buy or cut scrapbook paper- I could just use border! It's colorful, strong, and it comes in the perfect dimensions!

So I printed my bookmarks a little bit smaller (I used an 85% ratio for this job). Then I gathered up a few more supplies, and I was ready to go! In just 3 simple steps, I made durable and adorable bookmarks that are perfect for home and school!

Easy, peasy! For a little bonus idea, you could add a label to the back with your contact information. This is a simple way for families to keep your contacts at home.

You can grab these Smart Reader bookmarks and the matching posters by clicking on the picture below.

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