Ideas for Teacher Stamps & Giveaway

I am so excited to be teaming up with to share some ideas for using teacher stamps in your classroom! If you don't have a personalized teacher stamp yet, trust me- you need one! So here are some of my favorite ways to use teacher stamps...

Avoid the Copy Room Black Hole!
When you are trying to eat lunch and check your email while making copies, it's so easy to leave your original paper in the copy machine. If you stamp the back of your paper, it's more likely to get returned to you! This also helps if you have some support staff who make copies for lots of teachers at the same time!

Keep your Library!
Creating a library in your classroom is a huge investment! Teachers are always borrrowing books from each other or sending books home with little ones for practice, but we never want our books to get lost! Stamp the inside of your books and teacher binders so other teachers and parents knows they should be returned to your classroom.

Prevent Carpal Tunnel!
This may be dramatic, but it does make your hand tired to write the same message on papers 25 times! #teacherproblems One quick stamp is so much easier, and kids love them!

Make Kids Happy!
I ordered my son a personalized stamp, which he LOVES!  After about 5 minutes, I had to hide it to keep my entire office from staying "Property of Rusty," but it did remind how much kids love to stamp things.

You could put a "Please sign and return" stamp at your mailboxes. After kids get their papers, they could stamp a form that needs signed and returned. I'm sure no one would forget to grab their paper on that day!

These self-inking stamps would also be great at a school play center because there is not a messy ink pad and a wet stamp to clean up and store! Just stamp and it's done with no mess!


Manage your Class with Just 6 Words!

Do you have lots of environmental print hanging in your classroom? Do you post anchor charts for units you are studying? Why do you do that?

As teachers, we hang lots of visuals for our little ones. We know that seeing words or images will help them remember something they are learning. We know they can use those resources as they work to gain mastery of new skills. We should be doing the same thing for ourselves!

I found a picture from my first classroom of the library corner where I did a lot of whole group instruction. On the window, there are three little simple hand-written signs on generic cut-outs. (Don't judge--this was before I had a computer at school or ever dreamed about Teachers Pay Teachers.) The signs were simple, but the 6 words printed on them shaped how I managed my classroom.

Show Me.

Tell Me.

Remind Me.

I used those 6 words again and again as I managed my first class. Instead of raising my voice with students, I would try to remember to say, "Show me how first graders sit at the rug." "Who can show me a safe way to walk to line?" "Tyra is showing me a quiet way to carry a pencil box without the shaking the crayons."

Please remember, it is vital that you explicitly teach and practice your classroom expectations first. When you ask children to show you how a procedure should be done, they need to already know how it should look and sound in your classroom.

Instead of complaining to my class about their behavior, I would say "Tell me what I should see when I look at your center." "Tell me what we do when we come back from recess." "Tell me two things you can do when you finish reading at read to self."

Instead of always targeting negative behaviors, I would say "Remind me what our line should look like in the hall." "Who can remind me how we put away our art supplies?" "Chris is reminding me what first graders should do if they have a question."

I used these phrases again and again, because I could always see them as I looked over the heads  of my first graders. A few years ago, I started watching videos online to learn about Whole Brain Teaching. I knew I wanted to try it in my own classroom. I hung signs on the back wall of my classroom to help me remember to use the different cues until they became automatic.

If you are looking to try a new classroom management technique, it may help to create some classroom posters or charts that are just for you! Hang them in a place where you can easily see them. As teachers we are always learning so we need to make sure we give ourselves the resources we need to be successful!

You can try my new Show Me. Tell Me. Remind Me. posters for FREE. Just click on the image to download them. You get two different sizes so you can pick what fits your classroom.

I also have other posters in my classroom to help me as I manage and teach. You can check them out too by clicking on the pictures!

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