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Get ready to smile teacher friends! I am partnering with Scholastic Printables for an amazing teacher giveaway!

When I first discovered Scholastic Printables, I didn't know if the resources would match my teaching style. Engagement has always been essential in my classroom. I like to see kids playing and creating and involved in their learning. I am not a cookie-cutter-worksheet kinda teacher, but I found that Scholastic Printables has fabulous resources for teachers and kids! I wanted to share some of my favorite things I found.

February is Dental Health month so I began by searching for some activities for teeth. You will not believe all of the amazing ideas and resources I discovered. Seriously, there are so many fabulous things so I'll just share a few.
How adorable is this A Mouthful of Math activity? I put my printable in a page protector and added a dry erase marker. The teeth are made with mini marshmallows. Kiddos can practice addition by adding the number of "teeth" on the top and the number of "teeth" on the bottom. You could also do subtraction, by pulling out the "teeth!" Future dentists everywhere will go crazy for this activity!

This experiment tests demonstrates what Icky Sticky substances do to teeth. I used marshmallows for my "teeth." For my sticky samples, I used peanut butter, honey, and pieces of gummy candy. For the non-sticky samples, I used carrots, yogurt, and dried fruit. I really like how to experiment asks kids to draw their own conclusions about how sticky foods effect their teeth.

All of the experiments come with a teacher guide, so you know exactly how to get the best results! I love being able to write notes on my plan and file it with the activity pages. This was just one of the science activities in this resource.

My library is lacking a lot of books about teeth so these printable books are perfect. I added post-its to the reading center so kids can write new facts, connections, and their favorite parts. I am going to laminate one complete set so I can keep them in my library all year. These books are ideal to send home too!

The posters and art projects  make an easy and colorful display for the theme! I adore this happy tooth. He would be great at a center or to use after reading a book about teeth!

You can download this Ali Gator money activity for free! It comes with the cutest little poem about the Tooth Fairy! I put an assortment of real coins out so kiddos can match the coins with the teeth. This would be great for guided math or for a center.

Those are just a couple of the awesome activities that I popped up in my search! There are thousands of skills sheets, activities, lesson plans and more. To start your free trial, you can click here.

The best part is that I am teaming up with Scholastic Printables to give away a FREE one year subscription! Just enter below for your chance to win this amazing prize! Just click on the rafflecopter below to enter! Good luck friends!

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