Bright Classroom Decor

I always loved my classroom, but one day I decided to change almost everything!

This was my list of classroom design must-haves:

  • clean and bright
  • less clutter and more space
  • kid-friendly and teacher-friendly
  • organized and accessible
  • flexible but manageable

This is the classroom I am happy to share with my first graders every day!

Here's how I turned that must-have list into a reality. 

  • clean and bright

I designed classroom posters with lots of white space, bright colors, and crisp photographs. I also covered all of my bulletin boards with the same fabric. It has tiny little flecks of color so small marks and staples won't be noticeable! After all, I want everything to last a long time!

I collected white or light colored furniture pieces. I know that sounds crazy when working first graders, but I promise it's okay! I've had my big bookcase for 12 years and it still looks great!

  • less clutter and more space

I wanted a room where my kids had lots of space to move, wiggle, and play while they learn! The solution for me was getting rid of some student desks and my teacher desk. Getting rid of my desk also eliminated some clutter! Trust me- the drawers were a disaster!

I had 27 kiddos on my roster when I was setting up. It was important that they all have a solid work surface for when the art teacher comes to the classroom. I was required to keep some desks in my classroom so I turned them around to make small tables.

  • kid-friendly and teacher friendly

I added different types of seating to make the learning environment match the needs of my students. I took the legs off one table to make it low and raised another up high for a standing surface.

I found some smaller tables that are perfect for partners or kids who prefer to work alone.

I also added laundry baskets with pillows for a relaxing Smart Spot. I highly recommend buying pillows with indoor/outdoor fabric so you can wipe them off and clean them.

We have scoop rockers and clipboards in bins so kids can grab what they need and find a Smart Spot to work. There are also kid-friendly chairs around the classroom for reading and working.

  • organized and accessible
I have to tell you- my classroom has not always been organized, but this one tip has really, really helped! 

I started labeling EVERYTHING! It's the best, because I know where everything goes and the kids know where everything goes! They love to help clean up and now they won't ask you where to put something a hundred times!

 I love my teacher tool box and Sterilite drawers to organize all of the things that used to be in my desk. I got them both from Amazon. I store my copies, books, and materials for upcoming lessons in these drawers too. All of the labels make it easy for me, my kids, and substitutes to find supplies! You can download the storage drawer labels for free!

I use lots of baskets and bins for our community supplies but they all have labels! The kids can quickly see where everything is organized, and clean up quickly!

Our library is organized with labels and matching stickers too. I have one area with topics and genres and another that is organized by reading level.

  • flexible but manageable
I can only keep my sanity if things are well managed in the classroom. I wanted our classroom design to help with that management. 

My kiddos all have personal supply drawers for their writing folders, take home folders, math workbooks, and pencil boxes.  They also have book bins for independent reading. I have the drawers and bins at different spots around the room so 27 kids aren't all trying to squeeze into one space at the same time. 

And now the finishing touches!

I wanted a bright, clean look, but I strongly believe in the importance of environmental print. I only hung things that I knew my kiddos would use as they grow as readers and writers.

We use our word wall and word sight helper posters  ALL. THE. TIME! The posters have a rhyming picture (like flower and our or hay and they) to help with reading and spelling tricky sight words.

Are you ready turn your classroom into a space you love even more? Your students are lucky to share this space with a teacher who understands how the classroom space impacts learning! If you have questions or ideas about creating a bright and clean classroom, please share them in the comments. 

If you want to save some time, all of my photo classroom decor is ready to download and print!

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